Wednesday, March 30, 2011


For the few that do follow my blog (still trying to get my stat's up), know that I have been trying to come up with a blog title that I like.

FINALLY!!!! I sat down with my friend and we decided on this one ^^
It's not 100% perfect, but anything is better than what I had before!

Anywho, I thought I would share my happiness with everyone right now!


Hope y'all had a great Wednesday!

WILW & new facial products

I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday again!

1. I am loving the fact there is less than a month of school left! My freshman year has been so much fun but yet so stressful.

2. I'm loving that my best friend Lanie (check out her blog, super cute!) is having her birthday weekend starting Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait. We have the entire weekend planned, so look forward to a post Sunday with A LOT of pictures

3. I am loving that I remembered to bring an umbrella to class this morning, along with rain boots because it starting to monsoon as soon as we got out

4. I am loving that my boyfriend might be coming up this weekend (I miss him way too much!)

5. I am loving that since the weather has been nice the last couple of weekends, I have started a good base tan! I'm so happy about that!!!

Also, I am one of those people who can't stop buying different products. It could be hair, skin, face, ANYTHING. I currently have 5 different bottles of shampoo and conditioner's because I can never finish one bottle before I decide I want to switch it up. It's a problem.

BUT I did finish my St. Ives apricot scrub two nights ago and I obviously had to buy another face wash but I wanted something I've never tried before.
So I bought this:

I really wanted to wait to do a review on this so I had more time to try it out but I love it already! My face felt so smooth and clean after washing it. I also use Olay toner. This just removed all the excess dirt, oil, makeup, etc. on your face but it contains witch hazel that helps with smalls  blemishes!

Then I added a new moisturizer that I also bought with the face wash.

Moisturizers are really tough for me to find that work with my skin because my face is naturally oily. So adding more mositure usually makes it worse. Garnier has this oil-free gel-cream and it's perfect! My face just soaks in the moisture without making me all shiny and distugsting!

So if anyone is looking for a new facewash or moisturizer I hope this helps!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little questionnaire!

I'm linking up with Emily on Living the Life of E . She has such a cute blog (go check her out) and she did this little questionnaire and I decided to do it too!

1. Any summer vacations you are looking forward to?
I am going to the Bahamas with my family and boyfriend in June and I absolutely cannot wait! I need a vacation more than anything after such a hectic and crazy year of college!!

2. What is your favorite article of summer clothing?
Dresses, by far. There's nothing easier than throwing on a simple dress and sandals then walk out the door. It's that one article of clothing that doesn't require much thought but at the same time you look so put together, LOVEE it.

3. What is your favorite summer drink?
My favorite summer drink is probably water or sweet tea. I always carry a water bottle with me no matter where I go!

4. Do you tan or burn?
I burn usually the first time I lay out, but after that I tan easily. This year I have made a point to use sunscreen EVERY time to avoid sun cancer later down the road..and wrinkles

5. Any goals you are working toward this summer?
A beach bod. I really want to look good in a bathing suit so I have been working out and trying to eat healthy. But other than that, no goals. Just to relax and have fun!

6. What is your favorite summertime food?
Fresh fruit. There's nothing like it on a hot summer day

7. What song most says "summer" to you?
Anything Bob Marley, Sean Kingston, OAR, etc. Love summer jams!

8. Any home improvement goals planned for this summer?
I really want to paint my bedroom. When I was in high school my parents let me paint it this awful BRIGHT orange color and  I can't stand. It actually gives me a headache it's so bright. So this has got to go.

9. What is one thing you hate to see at the beach?
Hmmm..that's a hard one. 

10. Did you ever go to a summer camp?
I did a sailing camp at the yacht club a few times, but I never went to a camp where I stayed away from home. (I was such a home body!)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Classy Lady's Birthday is Tomorrow....

Well I'm sure Lady Gaga is keeping it classy tonight celebrating her birthday that is tomorrow!! Here's a recap of her in the last year or so:

Honestly I am not a huge fan of her. Some of her songs are okay I guess, but I think she just wants attention and thrives on it. I know everybody is saying she's the Madonna of our time, but I personally think shes just nuts.

Please. An egg?
But anyways, happy early birthday Lady Gaga!

Weekend and other random ramblings!

Hello bloggies!! This weekend, my best friend A came to visit me from my home town. She is like my sister, I love her to death. It was so nice to catch up and have some much needed girl time. Also my roommate had her two friends come up and visit, so needless to say there was never a dull moment!

Here are a few pictures:


(We didn't take many pictures, otherwise I would of posted more!)
Oh and I forgot to tell everyone I got a 98 on my calc. exam that I got back Friday!! I was so nervous for that test and didn't think I did so good and plus last test I got a C, so I about jumped out of my chair when I saw my grade!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I am really looking forward to next weekend because it's one of my best friends birthday and were going to have SOO much fun! Plus, (cross my fingers) my boyfriend might be coming up to visit.


Oh! I almost forgot. Does anyone know how to get a blog really up and running? I see people with hundreds of followers lots of comments on every post. Any idea of what I need to do to make my blog more popular?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend, giveaway and more!

This weekend has been SO nice! I was able to finish my book, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. This book was such an easy read and I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it to everyone! It's kind of different from all his other books, but it's still kinda not. I have read every single one of his books and he is by far my favorite author!

 Also I purchased an Olay Pro-x over Spring Break and thought I would give it a try before spending the money on a Clarisonic Mia. I wanted to blog about it sooner, but I wanted to try it out for a while so I could give a good product report. 
And I do have to say that I am happy with it. It only cost like $30.00 which is WAYYYY cheaper then the Mia and it comes with a little sample bottle of the cleanser to use. I personally don't like the cleanser. I use St. Ives apricot scrub to exfoliate and cleanse deeper. But it's shower friendly, so I just keep it in there and use it every night!
My skin is much smoother and I can definitely tell a difference after only a week! Highly would recommend to give this little guy a try before buying the Mia.

Also, I have noticed a lot of bloggers are doing giveaways lately. Here's another good one y'all should check out!
College Prepster has an Marley Lilly monogrammed cup and it is just adorable!

Here's a few pictures from this weekend:


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little survery

Happy hump day!!! Today has been absolutely beautiful out. I am sad to say that I had to spend most of my day in a classroom but tomorrow I do plan on laying out in Marion Square to get a little sun!
I was blog hopping and this little survery looked so fun and simple!

{one} scruffy or clean shaven?
Definitely clean shaven, but a little scruffle never hurts!

{two} what’s your favorite sundae topping?
Strawberries and sprinkles

{three} do you own slippers?
Like 5 different pairs but I NEVER wear them, so it's kind of pointless

{four} did you ever have a tree house?
Sadly, no.

{five} how you do relieve stress?
Taking a stroll down King Street and I have found retail therapy to be the best.

{six} what’s your favorite dr. seuss book?
Green eggs and ham

{seven} have you ever taken dance classes?
When I was younger I used to dance competitively, but I think I lost ALL of my rhythm since then. But I'm currently taking African Dance for school

{eight} which do you use more: the thesaurus or the dictionary?
Thesaurus and definitely the translator...its the only reason I'm passing Spanish

{nine} what’s your favorite form of exercise?
Walking and running

{ten} what’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line?
5 hours at Polo on Black Friday--NEVER again. The sale was good, but not that good.


Hope everyone has a good St. Patty's day tomorrow! Remember to wear green!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring break, give away, and other random thoughts

Heyyy everyone! I am SOOO sorry that I have not posted for awhile. With spring break and getting situated back at school I have barely had any time do much of anything!

Well my spring break was not anything extraordinary by any means, it was very simple and laid back. In my town we have a daffodil farm and once a year they open it to the public to come pick as many daffodils as you want to and all the proceeds go to a good cause.

(this is trip one--we probably had double this many)

Other than this, it was pretty uneventful. I worked a lot and spent much wanted time with my boyfriend at his new house. I did however go out in the boat Sunday and it was SOO cold. But we had to help some friends out who's boat broke down so I guess it was good that we were out there.

On another note, A Carolina Nutshell is doing a give away! Her blog is so cute and check out her amazing give away!

Also did anyone watch The Bachelor last night!?! I am SOO happy that Brad picked Emily! I picked her as the one to win from the very first episode! The after rose ceremony left me kinda feeling like they might not make it as a couple, which is sad because they are so cute together! Hopefully they will take the advice from the past couples who were on the show.

More news: I am officially transferring.  I said previously that I was going till after spring break to make an official decision, an it is official!! I am really happy because where I am now I am not as happy as I thought I would be. It will definitely be a big change but I think it will be for the better!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

-I'm loving that in two hours I'll be done with my last midterm (that I should be studying for now)
-I'm loving that next week is spring break!!!!
-I'm loving the weather lately and it makes me want to go to the beach already
-I'm loving all the support from friends and family about my decision to transfer
-I'm STILL loving the Forever 21 that just came on King St a few months ago because with it getting warmer, I can grab basic pieces that are so affordable from there!

Sorry I have to make this EXTREMELY short, but I have to run to the library to study for like 15 minutes before my exam.
I wish I could at least add a picture!